Walking Therapy Background

Michelle believes in the healing elements of movement and nature, which is why she offers walking therapy for those who live in Temecula & Ventura.

Movement activates bilateral stimulation and kick charges endorphins, which encourages alternative thought processes that can benefit counseling.

Online Therapy Background

In order to be there for others, you have to be well cared for yourself. Pregnancy and motherhood are a busy time with important shifts in the entire family system, making it a challenge to put yourself first when doing so is more vital than ever. Virtual sessions remove important barriers to getting needed support. Having qualified, compassionate, and empathetic support is essential. Michelle is dedicated to her clients and looks forward to helping mothers reach their goals and find greater life satisfaction.

Support Group Background

Michelle offers a variety of support groups throughout the year. Participating in a group is an empowering way to meet others with similar life experiences.

Michelle professionally leads an Infertility Support Group, Postpartum Support Group, Moms of Toddlers Group, and Pregnancy Support Group. Send Michelle a message through the contact page for more information and to RSVP.

Office Therapy Sessions Background

Therapy is a space where you can explore many different emotions and learn tangible tools to support you in living your preferred life. Michelle has an office in Temecula and Ventura, California. Send Michelle a message through the contact me page to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.