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How to Choose a Therapist

Choosing a therapist is a personal process and may take a couple tries. Just like how every person you meet, there is not a connection, you will not mesh with every therapist. The opposite is also true, certain therapists will be a great fit. I was at the beach with my son the other day and he saw two boys wrestling, he immediately jumped into the match. With one of the boys, there was an instantaneous kinship. His mother said to me, “they are bonded.” This is true of the therapeutic relationship, it is crucial to have a connection and for there to be trust. It is important to have confidence in your therapist and to feel comfortable sharing the truth.

Therapy is different from a friendship since a friendship is a two way process, you support your friend and your friend supports you. In therapy, your therapist is there solely for you and this boundary needs to be respected. When choosing a therapist consider the presenting concern and goals of counseling. Then contact the therapist whose experience and area of expertise correlates with your needs. It is also beneficial to inquire about a therapist theories that will be used in sessions.

All therapist are trained in different theories that guide the support they provide. Having a therapist whose outlook aligns with your values and goals, will aid in creating lasting positive change. For more information on this topic, send Michelle a message through the contact me button below.